Expert Violin Repairs and Bow Rehairs in Amsterdam, NL

One of our core services is the repair and restoration of stringed instruments and bows. This is the area where most string players get very picky with who they choose to work with, and for good reason! As luthiers, we have the power to dramatically alter your instrument's sound and playability, so it's important for us to earn your trust in our abilities. Over the years, we've gotten very good at communicating with musicians to help determine exactly what sort of qualities they're looking for in their violin, viola or cello, and we tailor our skills to deliver that plays and sounds exactly right!

Comprehensive Luthier Services

We take tremendous pride in being able to help musicians restore their beloved instruments to their best condition possible. Thanks to our training and experience, we are able to deliver consistently outstanding results in a timely manner and at a competitive cost. Whether your instrument needs a minor tune up or a complete overhaul, we're here to help!
Complete Setups
Sound Post Adjustment
New Bridge Cutting & Fitting
Shooting the Fingerboard
Adjusting the Nut
Tailpiece Installation & Adjustment
Crack Repairs
Tonal Analysis & Adjustment
Endpin Replacement
 Peg Refitting
Glueing Open Seams
 Replacing Bow Slides & Thumb Leather
Bow Tip Repair & Replacement
Bow Rehairs


For skilled stringed instrument repair, call us on 020-7724962!