Affordable String Instrument Rentals in Amsterdam, NL

 If you're a student or amateur with a budding passion for music, there's no better way to nurture that motivation than with a well set up instrument to practice on! Bas Maas Vioolbouw has been outfitting aspirant musicians with affordable rentals since 2004, and we're happy to continue on strong with that tradition. We make the process quick and easy, so you can focus on what's important: spending time in the practice room. Our stock includes violins, violas and cellos of all sizes, so we're sure to have an instrument that fits you perfectly!
A photo of rental instruments in various sizes

Hassle-Free Rental Agreements

The process of renting an instrument from Bas Maas Vioolbouw is simple:
  1. Come into the shop, and we'll take your measurements and match you to a violin, viola or cello that fits perfectly
  2. Before we rent the instrument to you, we run it through our shop to ensure that it has been optimally set up
  3. We draft up a quarterly lease agreement, and make a valuation on the instrument for insurance purposes
  4. You return for the instrument, sign the rental contract, and pay for the deposit and first period (cash or PIN is okay)
Voilą! You are now the proud lessee of a perfectly good instrument to practice on. Be sure to note that subsequent quarterly payments are automatically drafted from your bank account. For younger customers who are still growing, be sure to come back into the shop to get resized for a new instrument if yours is starting to feel too small! 

Rental Prices

Violins from €20 per month/€60 per quarter
Violas from €22,50 per month/€67,50 per quarter
Cellos from €40 per month/€120 per quarter

Begin the rental process today by calling 020-7724962!