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Welcome to Bas Maas Vioolbouw, Amsterdam’s center for all things with strings! As professional luthiers, we specialize in the crafting of fine musical instruments and bows. Whether you’re a violinist, violist or cellist, our workshop is fully equipped to cater to your every need! We’re passionate about the work that we do, and take tremendous pride in being able to help musicians and their instruments sound their best.  
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A photo of our violin shop on Hemonystraat 22

Comprehensive luthier services

Located in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam, we’re uniquely situated to provide a variety of crucial services for our local music community. We offer fine old and new instruments for sale, expert repairs, a complete compliment of strings, accessories and cases, as well as insurance appraisals and dendrochronology (the scientific method of determining the age of wood by its rings). If you’re just starting out on your musical journey, we provide affordable bow and instrument rentals as well. Additionally, we act as a central hub where student musicians can connect with teachers and get the latest updates on important local events.
Proud to have been featured in the TV series "De Nieuwe Stradivarius"
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Looking to rent a violin? Give Bas Maas a call on 020-7724962!