Expert Violinmaking and Restoration in Amsterdam, NL

Bas Maas has been faithfully serving the needs of Amsterdam's musical community for over 15 years. In that time, our team with skilled assistant luthiers Roberto Furnari and Tjalle Galama have established ourselves as local authorities on the construction, repair and restoration of fine stringed instruments and bows. Located in the vibrant heart of De Pijp, our workshop is steeped in the character of old-world craftsmanship. The original 1880's interior remains fully intact and proudly displays its heritage as a fancy cigar shop. For the type of business that we set out to build in 2004, it fits us like a favorite pair of jeans!

We hereby extend a warm invitation to visit our workshop on Hemonystraat 22, whether you are a professional, amateur or a young musician just starting out. 

Meet  Bas


A photo of Bas Maas
Bas Maas


"The symbol of my first foray into the world of violinmaking can be seen hanging in our shop on Hemonystraat. Dubbed "Fiedel,” this somewhat oddball hybrid features design genetics of a guitar, a gamba, and a viola with a giraffe-like neck and flat back. From the magic moment when those first notes sounded from within my own creation, my passion for luthiery was sealed. 

My teacher at the time, Lies Muller, recognized the motivation I’d cultivated throughout the project, and allowed me to begin making my first violin. While that violin was never finished, it did gain me entrance into the prestigious Newark School of Violinmaking in the UK. Through my three years at this school, I did eventually complete many violins, two violas and a cello and even went on to win the 2003 Benslow Music Trust – a prize awarded to outstanding students.

Just like Fiedel, the craft of violinmaking is itself a collage of different variables. I take immense pleasure in finding just the right balance of factors to create a harmonious blend of form and function. There is a culture of continuous discovery shared by violinmakers, and I revel in the opportunity to exchange information and new techniques to my repertoire. From late-night discussions on wood, archings, varnish, tools and strings in dimly lit Newark pubs to bustling international conferences of violinmakers like the Quartett Gebaut Gehört, there is always room for me to grow personally and professionally.

I am currently building a copy of the famous "Ex-Wienawski” Pietro Guarneri of Venice as a commission for the National Musical Instrument Foundation. Having unlimited access to such an astonishing instrument as a model to work and learn from makes me feel incredibly fortunate!

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